Progressive family business

Even today, Noviflora Holland BV is still a true Westland family business. Its continuity is secured by succession from the family.
Especially in these times, family businesses represent stability.
Family businesses are future oriented. Securing the continuity of the enterprise also for the next generation is the first matter of importance.

The history of Noviflora Holland BV goes back to 1974, when Hans and Letty van Reisen started a plant export company in Honselersdijk (The Netherlands). They exported houseplants to Sweden. In 2006, the company
moved to the current location at the Trade Parc Westland II in Honselersdijk. This building provides optimum efficiency as far as production processes and working conditions are concerned. Since mid 2007, the management was taken over by Xander van Reisen and Hendrico de Brabander.

In the future, we will also continue to pursue our ambitions. We do firmly believe in our company and in our customers. By continuing to further develop, we strive to be of even better service to our customers.

The Noviflora story starts in Sweden where founder Hans van Reisen starts selling flower bulbs in the mid sixties. Scandinavia was a new market that attracted Hans' attention.

In addition to flower bulbs, Hans also saw opportunities for plants.
After a conversation with the chairman of the flower auction, then known as CCWS in Naaldwijk, a sales outlet in the flower auction was appointed.
Noviflora was the first specialized exporter of houseplants and garden plants to be operating from the Westland flower auction.

The export of plants was expanded from Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
Later on to England, France and Austria.

Noviflora was a pioneer in the sale of plants to Eastern Europe.
As one of the first companies, it started exporting to Poland and former East Germany.

Because of the company flourishing and blossoming, the working space became too small. It moved to a new location in the Strijp building.
Together with the 25th anniversary, the official opening was celebrated in grand style. In the same year, the current Noviflora logo and pay off saw the light of day.

Export was thriving. After only five years, this location also became too small. The development of Trade Parc Westland created possibilities for the company to build its own business premises. In October 2005, the first post was driving into the ground.

In May 2006, the new Noviflora premises opened its doors. It is a modern contemporary building that offers plenty of opportunity for further growth.
And those chances are fully exploited. In the three years since becoming active in the new premises, Noviflora's turnover has doubled!

Since mid 2007, the management team consisting of Commercial Director Xander van Reisen and Financial Director Hendrico de Brabander takes care of the day-to-day running of the company. Hans van Reisen had an advising function as a member of the Supervisory Board.
The Supervisory Board comprises three people. They advise the management team and have a supervisory role in the family business.

In 2008, Noviflora took over export company Nobel Green.
This take-over fitted in within the strategy that focuses on market areas in North, Central and Eastern Europe.
Nobel Green was specialized in the export of house plants and garden plants to wholesalers and garden centres in Switzerland and Sweden.
Adding Switzerland meant extension of Noviflora’s markets and adding Sweden was a deepening of the market in which Noviflora has been market leader since many years.

In 2009, Noviflora took the next step in a process aimed at strengthening its position in the European ornamental plant market. After the take-over of Nobel Green, the company acquired a controlling interest in a medium sized Swedish import organization. This step enabled further penetration into the chain in Sweden and was an addition to the assortment of garden plants. This also made it possible to realize the opening of a logistics hub in Helsingborg, which is used for transhipment and includes a distribution centre for an international assortment.
As a result of these strategic developments, Noviflora was able to achieve major improvements in efficiency with respect to its commercial and logistics services in Scandinavia, allowing Noviflora to further strengthen its market position.
These developments fitted in with Noviflora’s strategy that focuses on logistics efficiency and excellent service provision.

In 2010, the corporate design was restyled. The core of our corporate design, such as logo, payoff line and colours remained the same but the surrounding look was adjusted to Noviflora’s ambitious, young and reliable quality image.

Per 20 June 2011, Noviflora Holland BV will take over export activities and staff of the Dutch branch of Clarke & Spears International Ltd (CSI).
In doing so, Noviflora has taken the next step in a process aimed at strengthening its position in the European ornamental plant market.

In 2015 Noviflora has acquired Roselife – a retail service provider specialising in flowers and plants. In making this acquisition, Noviflora has taken a significant new step toward strengthening its position in the European floriculture market. The takeover is consistent with Noviflora’s corporate strategy of focusing on growth in existing and adjacent markets. By further optimising its category management services in recent years, Roselife has helped simplify processes for its retail clients by relieving them of some of the complexities involved. These services have the potential to transform the retail sector for flowers and plants into a mature industry, with support for retailers, high-quality products and in-store efficiency all being key ingredients. Noviflora will significantly expand its presence in category management services in the retail market.