08 March 2017

2017 garden trends evoke balance, energy and inner peace.

2017 garden trends evoke balance, energy and inner peace.

Spring might feel like a distant dream these days, but in reality it’s right around the corner. Time to start getting that garden collection ready for the new season! Before you run off to find the newest garden plants in the web shop, here’s what you need to know about this year’s most prevalent garden trends. 2017 is all about finding balance, creating energy, and slowing down.

Many aspects of modern life seem to revolve around balance. Balance between home and work, responsibilities and fun, being health-conscious but also allowing yourself a share of fries every now and then. The modern garden also reflects this sentiment. We see a balance between male and female elements, neutral colours and soft lines, and robust but minimalist and elegant materials. We find a colourful Begonia or quirky Mandevilla, but also a strong and hefty Olive. This garden welcomes everyone, and anyone can find an element that makes it feels like home.

A boost of energy as soon as you step outside- that’s what this garden aims to provide. And surely we could all use one after these grey winter days! Bright, energetic colours and athletic shapes and patterns (like the dots and stripes you might find on a basketball court) inspire one to get out and get things done. A strong laurel reminds you of your own strengths, and an orange tree evokes all the happy and positive vibes. Even the most stubborn couch potato will feel like going for a long run around the block after spending some time in this garden.

Inner peace
Inspired by monastery gardens, this trend focuses on inner peace and contemplation.  Natural materials, different shades of blue and green, and perhaps even a small altar to display a pair of favourite plants or inspiring garden statue. The soft smells of lavender and fresh herbs turn any garden or balcony into an intimate, personal oasis.

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