25 April 2017

Garden Plant of the Month May: Mandevilla

Garden Plant of the Month May: Mandevilla

Exotic rewarding climber!
Mandevilla is one of the most rewarding flowering garden plants. The white, pink or red flowers on the plant last from May until the frosts arrive. And it keeps flowering without too much effort. It’s no surprise that Mandevilla is enormously popular in gardens and on balconies and patios. 

Mandevilla is a climbing shrub that flowers from May to October. With its trumpet-shaped, beautifully scented flowers the plant keeps blooming endlessly. The flowers stand out beautifully against the dark green, shiny foliage. The plants are sold in various sizes, from very small plants for planting in beds or as a table plant on the patio through the very large climbers on trellises or stakes which can be metres high. You can even use them to create an entire living wall, since this keen grower can quickly produce long tendrils to cover a wall or fence. Do provide some support though.

The white, pink and red colours look beautiful in a pot, either as a single colour or a mixture, whereby the combination of two or three colours growing and blooming together is magnificent. A variety of species can be found in the shops, produced by different companies. Mandevilla Sundeville and Mandevilla Diamantina are the most frequently offered. The one thing they all have in common is that they flower very profusely and give pleasure all summer long.

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