29 September 2017

Houseplants of the Month October: Pure Green

Houseplants of the Month October: Pure Green

Pure Green is about plants with air-purifying qualities which greatly improve their surroundings. Research by NASA has proved it: some plants absorb harmful substances and carry them away with their roots. They also release oxygen and help maintain the humidity level in the home. Champions in the category Natural Air Purifiers are available in our brand Ogreen. Otherwise there is another assortment with air-purifying qualities available, for example:.

The range of plants with air-purifying properties is large. There are multiple cultivars available of each species:

Ivy offers a wide range of leaf shapes and colours. There are climbing and hanging forms, and many applications are created with it on arches, spheres, pyramids etc. The leaf colour ranges from smooth green through to variegated and marbled, and there is also a wide variety of leaf sizes. Cultivars such as Eva, Kolibri, Pittsburgh, Shamrock and Wonder are very popular.

Gerbera occurs in many different sizes and forms, and is increasingly popular as a patio plant for use in the spring and summer. There is even a hardy variety (Garvinea). For use the home there are a number of series that are offered in many colours, such as Durora, Fiori Line, Sundayz and Revolution.

Nephrolepis is by far the most important species within the ferns, with the cultivars Bostoniensis (often called Boston Fern) and Green Lady (narrow leaf) as the best known varieties. But Corditas, Duffii, Emina and Vitale are also attractive ferns with the same air-purifying properties.

Spathiphyllum is available in many sizes, always with a white inflorescence. The leaves are usually green, although there are also a couple with variegated leaves, such as S. Silver Cupido or S. Gimini. Many cultivars are named after composers: Chopin, Figaro, Vivaldi or Bellini. There are now many varieties of Cupido available.