18 October 2017

NEW: Selections Helleborus

NEW: Selections Helleborus

Hi there Helleborus! 

You asked, we delivered. We’re proud to introduce our new Selections Helleborus! The perfect plant for anyone looking for a best value and quality Helleborus. No need to sift through all the different options and varieties: we’ve already done the hard work for you.

The Helleborus, also known as the winter rose, has become a popular staple of any fall and winter interior.

Ed Kamps, Noviflora product specialist:
“The Helleborus is an incredibly popular plant, and we’ve seen a huge rise in supply with lots of different varieties. It’s our responsibility to go through all these varieties and pick the best quality for the best price. And we found a winner! The Selections Helleborus is a strong plant, selected for its quality and grown with the best care and attention.


  • Best value and quality plant
  • Minimum of two full flowers upon delivery
  • Distinctive character
  • Pot size 12cm

The Selections Helleborus is always delivered with at least two full flowers, and several buds between or on the leaves.

We’re happy to welcome this gorgeous winter rose to our Selections label. An essential addition to your winter plant family.

Curious to see the Selections Helleborus?