Our customers

Our customers

Noviflora supplies wholesalers and chains, multiple store businesses, garden centers and interior landscapers (office plantings).
Noviflora is specialized in the export of plants to North, Central and Eastern Europe. We are market leader in Scandinavia.


Noviflora focuses on wholesalers in North, Central and Eastern Europe. 
All these customers find what they want at Noviflora. A daily supply of
fresh green and flowering plants as well as garden plants and pot/plant arrangements. Noviflora has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field.


At Noviflora, we specialise in managing the entire sales process for flowers and plants for our customers from start to finish – thereby enabling them to focus on driving their businesses.
Providing a full range of flowers and plants along with personalised advice, our subsidiary Roselife is a trusted supplier of floriculture products with an in-depth knowledge of the market and a drive to provide solutions. A fundamental part of our ethos is that we always put your customer – the consumer – first. We will work with you to develop a floriculture concept that is right for your store and consistent with your retail format. Key ingredients in our portfolio of services include: support provided to retailers to ensure in-store efficiency; GS1 data source management; POS development and advice; designing an effective pricing strategy; weekly, customised ordering advice for individual stores, geared to consumers and marketing personas in the specific stores; and data analysis and feedback on sales patterns. We operate on the basis of short, closed supply chains, an extensive range of products (supplied fresh daily) and a competitive, value-for-money pricing system. The foundation we provide in all our business processes is solid and strong and designed to ensure continuity.

We provide:
-Customised services: personalised support adapted to your situation.
-Delivery guaranteed: as your trusted partner, we deliver no matter what.
-Convenience: your convenience is our priority.

Additional information:
Please contact Mark-Jan Terwindt at mark-jan.terwindt @noviflora.nl or Madelon Balm at m.balm @roselife.nl.

Garden centers

Noviflora also targets the segment of large garden centers. Because of our many years of experience, unique knowledge of the market and product expertise, we are the supplier where garden centers can choose from an international assortment of houseplants and garden plants.

Interior landscapers

The group of interior landscapers is mainly involved in office plantings and always on the look out for specific plants. At Noviflora, they will find both a wide as well as a deep assortment. We think along with the customer and give advice. Should the customer be looking for a very special plant, we will source this from our international suppliers. Anything from bonsai to trees of up to 5 meters in height for shopping centers and luxury indoor swimming pools. We can supply it.