heart for QUALITY.

In order to be of even better service to you, we can proudly tell you that we have been certified for many years according to ISO 9001:2008 and also have the MPS Florimark Trade certificate.
Quality is the basis for the success of Noviflora Holland BV.

We operate according to strict internal quality standards, which allows us to deliver in accordance with the demands of trade and retail.
Therefore, our quality system guarantees you the right quality and maximum reliability of the delivered products and services and the certainty that we work in accordance with international ISO and Florimark standards.

The international organization for standardization (ISO) is an international organization that sets standards. This organization is a joint venture of national standards organizations in 156 countries. MPS Florimark Trade was especially developed for wholesalers that have to meet stringent demands in the field of quality care, traceability, environment and chain quality.

MPS Florimark certificate
ISO 9001:2008 certificate