heart for SERVICE.

Advice, inspiration and efficiency

However, as far as Noviflora is concerned, being an overall supplier goes much further than just having an extensive assortment. We also offer supporting services to our customers, which enable them to operate even more efficiently. By means of advice, clever order systems, efficient logistics flows and inspiration regarding the latest trends, we contribute to our customers' success.

On time on your doorstep

Thanks to our reliable, fast distribution network with specialized logistic partners and our well-oiled internal logistics process, we are able to arrive at your door practically always on time.

Passionate about plants, passionate about service

Our staff above all, with their passion for plants and passion for service, fulfil our promise to our customers each and every day. They ensure that the Phalaenopsis that stood in the greenhouse only yesterday or the herbs from Italy arrive at your door in perfect condition. Pulling together, in order to meet all our customer's requirements under the motto: Let’s grow together!

Summary container balance

Via the container management system, we have customer specific summaries. We consult with you in order to make the management system as conclusive as possible. This enables us to use your time, our resources as well as the environment efficiently.

Order feedback

Good order feedback is important to us. Through strict inspection, we strive for delivering perfect quality. Complaints can be filed online via the easy complaints registration system.

Labels and barcodes

Customer specific labels with barcodes and/or product information in any desired language. A service that we can deliver in consultation with you.