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Noviflora your interior/exterior Plantscape partner – known for integrating plants and greenery into built environments.

Formerly known as the Dutch branch of Clarke and Spears International, Noviflora Plantscaping provides landscapers, local authorities, and businesses with everything they need to create a lush green indoor environment. From the proper plants to professional, custom-made advice- Noviflora will help you build a healthy, green and inspiring indoor space anywhere.

Adding plants to office environment can add real value to work environment and professional image. At Noviflora is our goal to deliver results that drive your success. Guided by case studies and over 40-years of experience, our team can help you meet interior plantscaping needs.

Healthy environments
Plants can help you live a healthy life- they clean the air we breathe, reduce stress, and even function as a natural air conditioning system. Studies have shown the many positive effects plants can have on a work environment-they improve productivity, enhance concentration, reduce sound pollution, and increase humidity. On top of that, a proper dose of greenery brings a burst of vital energy to any indoor space.

At Interior/exterior Plantscaping, we have access to Noviflora's unbeatable selection of quality plants, and offer tailor-made advice for whatever kind of space you wish to green. Our staff is fully trained and can help you find the green solutions you need.

Please don't hesitate to explore the Noviflora web shop for information on our extensive range of interior and exterior plants as well as the associated hardware.

Need help finding the proper plants or designs for your indoor space? Contact Herman van Duijn at