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A natural, insect-friendly garden to inspire your customers

Insects are crucial to keeping a natural balance in the world. They pollinate our flowers and crops, are a food source for small animals, and keep entire ecosystems from collapsing.


Without bees, for example, 70% of crops worldwide would disappear. Time to get our hands dirty and help nature out a bit! Even something simple like a biodiverse, natural garden filled with bee and butterfly-friendly plants can go a long way.


Choose the right plants
Go for flowers and plants that blossom in different periods of the year. Bees need flowering plants from spring 'til the end of autumn. Butterflies tend to go for purple, blue and yellow flowers, because those are the colours most visible to them. Think of plants like holy rope, butterfly bush, or beebalms. Bees prefer wild thyme, garden speedwell, and lavender.

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