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Curious Coral

At this time of year, we honour the power of nature by admiring and working with the hidden treasures scattered on the ocean floor or settled in the undergrowth of a primordial forest.

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Nature was around long before us, and will stick around long after we’re gone. Colours, shapes and objects that have been around since the beginning of time. It’s a wild kind of beauty, one we don’t see that much anymore, but one that deserves to be brought back into our daily lives. Add some ancient nature to your home with a Rhipsalis Red Coral, a fascinating Marginatocereus Marginatus Cristata, or funky Adromischus cooperi.

Mood: Powerful
Products: Rhipsalis Red Coral | Peperomia graveolens | Sempervivum tectorum | Marginatocereus Marginatus Cristata | Adromischus cooperi
Colours: Coral reds, deep browns, faded greens 

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