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Empty Plant Syndrome

The stockings have disappeared from the mantel, the presents have all been opened, and some of us are back on our diets... Christmas is over! And what happened to that beautifully decorated Christmas tree? All that's left is a bare lifeless spot that we wish weren't so empty. But here's the good news: the time has now come for the houseplant season.


When it comes to houseplants these days, the trend is the bigger, the better. This applies both to filling those big empty corners in the room as well as the smaller spots like window sills. A large houseplant isn't just an attractive green addition to any room; besides being decorative, they are also very functional. By helping to regulate indoor humidity and improving air quality, they have a positive impact on our productivity, creativity and energy levels. They'll get the New Year off to a perfect start as well as helping us keep our New Year's resolutions for a healthy lifestyle. Say hello to the New Year, new resolutions and a new green housemate!