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Grow your own fruits and vitamins with The Kitchen Garden

A handful of plump blueberries in your oatmeal, ripe purple blackberries in your salad, or an artichoke straight from the garden to your oven to your plate. There’s nothing quite like growing your own deliciously healthy fruit!

Besides the successful herbs and vegetables collection, we are thrilled to announce our Kitchen Garden label now also features six certified fruit plants.

Grow your own fruits and vitamins in the garden with a blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, goji berry or artichoke plant. Widely known as real superfoods, these fruits are filled with vitamins and nutrients that give you the daily healthy boost you need.

All plants are certified, and their fruit will be ready for harvest come summer. Fruit plants should be planted in the garden, and a special plant marker helps you keep track.

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