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Hyacinths for a colourful winter

Today, hyacinths are so popular that it's hard to imagine these bulbs being so exclusive that only the wealthy could afford to buy them. So aren't we lucky? After all, their curly little florets add a nice bit of sparkle an colour to these gloomy months.


The hyacinth's original habitat is the Mediterranean region (Turkey, Syria and Lebanon) but traders brought it to Europe. Hyacinths are most commonly seen in pink, blue and white. Nowadays, however, they are becoming available in more and more colours like lilac, red and yellow. These flowers symbolise peace, and their fragrant flowers emerging from a bulb, as if by magic, are just right for expressing the Christmas message of new life.

Especially for the holidays, the bulbs have been given a matching colour: we're making them available in glass and ceramic containers. We also have an extensive assortment of hyacinth bulbs covered in 'snow' and glitter as well as dipped in white, silver, gold and red wax. Just imagine this in combination with the colours of the hyacinth flowers themselves: a colourful sight indeed!

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