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Let roses speak for you

When you think about love you think about roses, and vice versa. Love and roses: two words that are inextricably linked.

The red rose will always be the ultimate symbol of love, but did you know that each colour and combination has its own significance? Pink roses, for example, represent gratitude, orange stands for appreciation and yellow symbolises friendship. Even the thorns, the most unpleasant part of the rose, add meaning: they symbolise that love is not always a bed of roses. Combining differently coloured roses in a bouquet with each other or with different flowers can also have a special meaning. A combination of red and white roses represents "the wish to stay together forever", and a single red rose in a mixed bouquet means "you are my true love". So, let the roses speak for you!

We have an extensive selection of roses – both as cut flowers and pot roses - in many different colours. We have classic red and modern bright pink roses, but we also have mixed and bicolour roses. Additionally, our range also includes dyed and waxed roses.