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Looking fresh with dried flowers

After the wild, untamed flower bouquets of 2018, it’s time for toned-down dried flowers to take over and add colour and style to this year’s weddings and events.

Dried flowers are a perfect match with the soft, pastel colour trends of 2019, and represent a longing for more simple and minimalist styling solutions. Plus, you can get really creative with dried flowers. Combine them with fresh flowers, wild branches and leaves, or turn them into a beautiful floral crown.

Dry vs. fresh
There’s nothing more beautiful than a handful of fresh flowers. But for a wedding, event or even as an interior statement piece, dried flowers are also a gorgeous solution. As a creative, working with dried flowers means you’re not limited to the seasonal availability of fresh flowers. The bride and groom can save the dried bouquet as a memento of their beautiful day. And you can arrange the flowers days ahead of time- no more fresh flower stress!


Styling tips
Just like this year’s colour trends, dried flowers come in soft, warm colours, like a sunbleached white to pale green, soft orange and light pink. If you want a bolder look, you can even change the colours with a lick of paint. Combine large pampas stems with bushes of gypsophila, dried lavender, and a large monstera leaf to give it a twist. Or use the dried flowers to create a gorgeous floral crown.