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Magic Metallic

Winter can be a tough but festive season.

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Who doesn’t love the sound of a winter storm or the twinkle of hundreds of holiday lights in the windows? It’s this contrast – the harshness of nature and the beauty and luxury of the December holidays – that serves as our inspiration this month. Sharp structures, subtle silver fabrics, soft white blankets of snow, futuristic shapes that look ahead to a new year.  Add these contrasts to your home with a sweet Helleborus Pink Frost, bold Hippeastrum Touch of wax, or rough Abies nobilis Paraffine. 

Mood: Festive
Products: Hippeastrum Touch of wax | Eucharis grandiflora | Abies nobilis Paraffine | Helleborus GC Pink Frost | Rhododendron simsii Mont Blanc
Colours: Silver, white, bright green  

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