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Magnificent magnolia

As is the case with some people, there are also some flowers and plants that have it all: they are beautiful inside as well as outside. One plant that fully meets this description is the Magnolia.

This plant has beautiful, elegant and large upright flowers. It is also used in many beauty and skincare products. The bark, for example, is used to calm the skin, while the flower produces a fresh scent with a flowery twist and its twigs release an aniseed-like fragrance when they are crushed. Therefore, the Magnolia is truly beautiful both inside and outside!


Did you know that Magnolias are among the oldest trees in the world? Fossils have been found that are 20 million years old and prove that Magnolias existed that long ago. Because this is such an ancient genus, the flowers are pollinated by beetles, because there were no bees at the time!