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The Cascade Cymbidiums from LZ Orchidee

LZ Orchidee, known for their special Cascade Cymbidiums, is run by Leo and Trees Zwinkels. They are driven and enthusiastic growers, with growers’ blood running through their veins.

Leo knew, ever since he was a kid, that he wanted to become a grower: "I don't regret it for a day!". After combining growing Cymbidium and Cascade Cymbidiums on 18,500 m2 the past 12 years, they decided to focus solely on the Cascade Cymbidium at their new location last year.

Leo: "We wanted to grow something special, a niche product, and when we saw the Cascade Cymbidium, we started investigating the possibilities with this plant." It didn't take long before they fell in love with this extraordinary orchid.

"We wanted to grow something special"

Leo and Trees now grow these elegant plants with their unique "waterfall" flower shape on their own patch of 6200 m2. However, in the Netherlands the lush flowering stage cannot be taken for granted. Every time it is a challenge for Leo and Trees to get the plants to this stage. With their years of experience, they can successfully bring the Cascade Cymbidiums into their exuberant bloom, time and time again.

After a growing period of 4,5 - 5 years, a Cascade Cymbidium is ready for sale. Currently, Leo and Trees breed 12 species of Cascade Cymbidiums. Another 15 new species will be added to their range in the next two years. Breeding and developing Cascade Cymbidiums is also part of their work. Leo: "It's a long process, but it's worth it. It takes about 4 to 5 years before the plant is mature enough to bloom. If it turns out to be a promising new variety, it will take another 4 to 5 years to propagate the plant before it is in full production."

From mid-November to mid-February, the white Ice Cascade Cymbidium is available. From December to February the rest of their Cascade Cymbidium assortment is available in colours ranging from pink, purple, burgundy, to yellow and green.

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