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The great green outdoors: exterior plantscaping

Designing an inspiring, green outdoor space is not everyone’s cup of tea. To really stand out, you have to look further than just a standard tree or bush. The Novifora Plantscaping team give advice to pick just the right plants for an attractive and pleasant outdoor space.

Exterior plantscaping is the same as interior plantscaping, it just happens outside. Choosing the right plants for a new park, for example, or picking plants to enhance a company's front entrance. Basically anything that has to do with designing with plants in an outdoor space. These plants can range from small, 9cm plants to 10 meter trees. We get you the plants you need, and of course some advice every now and then. Tips on which tall or low plants to use, for example, or conditions you have to keep in mind when working with certain plants.

What are the trends?
Definitely: grass! It sounds odd, but grass in different heights and colours, with or without plumes, is very popular these days, especially in Scandinavia. It's a simple plant, but it does give you that idea of wild, unkempt nature. In general, we see a consumer tendency towards 'real nature', so these grasses are the perfect example of that movement.

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