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We’ve listened to your feedback and updated our webshop.

Behind the scenes, we’re constantly working hard to optimize our webshop.

1. By entering 1 or just 2 letters in the search field, the webshop will display products beginning with these letters. If you enter 'ph', for example, you will immediately see the complete assortment of phalaenopsis. If you enter just 'm', you will see all the products in the assortment that begin with this letter.

2. If you search for a product with a double name, the results shown will satisfy both search terms, no matter what their order is. If you search for 'Grac Miscanthus', for example, you will get the same results as if you had searched for 'Miscanthus Grac'. The product you are looking for will also be found even if a word between the search terms is entered.

3. From now on, you can also use the search field to search through the webshop's active price lists. This means that even products not listed as standard products will now be displayed.