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Your Balcony is an Avant Garden

Time to green up your balcony or patio! No matter how small or concrete your outdoor space, there’s always a garden to be made. A real urban jungle just looking for the right plants.

Enter the new Avant Garden collection. Like the name suggests, the collection is a new and experimental assortment of plants, picked specifically to fit the developing trend of urbanisation. The old definition of a garden is slowly making way for a wider interpretation, leaving room to fill new outdoor spaces with the loveliest plants. A gorgeous, large-leaved philodendron, for example, or a bright green dicksonia fern, or a tropical, flowering canna lily. Unique plants that spruce up any outdoor space, turning even the greyest city patios into green hangouts.

The plants can be delivered with a ready to go terra cotta red or grey pot, so the plants can go straight from the store to the balcony. Or order the plants without a pot, so you can mix and match until you create the perfect urban jungle set.


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