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It’s time for loose flower bulbs

Take a look at our loose flower bulbs available from late August to December.

With autumn just around the corner, we're getting closer to the traditional flower bulb planting season.

Both spring-flowering and autumn-flowering bulbs are sold in bulk.

  • The popular spring-flowering bulbs are usually planted from September to late November, being sure to do this before the first frost period. Planting always occurs in autumn, because flower bulbs need a cold period (vernalisation) in order to flower in spring.
  • Autumn-flowering bulbs are usually planted earlier: late August/early September.

How deep they should be planted depends on the height of the bulb. Larger bulbs are planted deeper than smaller bulbs (in either case, twice the height of the bulb). This depth can range from 5-12 cm. As a rule, the earlier a bulb is planted, the better the bulb will establish and take root.

The bulb size (its circumference) is often indicated as a measure of its quality: the bigger, the better.

If you want to wait a while before planting, store your bulbs in a cool (10-15 °C), dry place.