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De Hoog Orchids

Where passion for the product, expertise and technology are united. At De Hoog Orchids. Dendrobium Nobilé is their speciality.

De Hoog Orchids has over 25 years of experience in growing Dendrobium Nobilé passion and a focus on the environment. The focus they have on Dendrobium Nobilé makes them the absolute specialist in the market. They are able to provide a premium product all year round, thanks to many years of experience and their use of the most modern technology. Their systems are optimized to produce a perfect product while also putting as little strain on the environment as possible. Ranging across all aspects from raw materials to logistics, lighting to ventilation, the cultivation of Dendrobium Nobilé is all about efficiency, caring for the environment and social responsibility.

The range consists of many different varieties of Dendrobium Nobilé. It offers a wide assortment of colours, ranging from white with a yellow/green heart to dark purple with a red/yellow heart.