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VIP Roses – a rose greenhouse like no other

In their 3.5 hectares of greenhouse, the Sassen brothers produce an array of breathtaking roses. They are however far from typical. Their passion for the beauty of a rose has led them to source out some of the most stunning varieties.

Vip Roses allows each rose the time to fully develop in the ground. The Sassen brothers determine the optimal moment for each variety to be harvested. 80% of Vip Roses' production occurs between April and November, meaning they offer a true seasonal product.

Vip Roses offers an equally breathtaking, but entirely different line of roses than their homegrown garden style rose. These are the 'special rose toppings'. Requests for glitz and glamour led to many a new variety. The possibilities are endless!

Sustainability has become a passion of Vip Roses' and their results are certainly worthy of pride. They employ a safe, natural form of insecticide. This approach also ensures the health of the soil which the roses are grown in. A healthier soil undoubtedly produces a healthier, heartier rose which can thus be longer enjoyed.

When asked what defines Vip Roses, grower Marc Sassen simply answers, "It's in our name. We aren't your run of the mill greenhouse offering a standard variety of roses. We are always evolving, we never stop our search for the next gem, whether it be in our greenhouse or in our paint lab. We offer a Very Impressive Product - stunning, mind blowing roses."