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Dijk van Dijk - Masters in Hydrangea’s

The master growers at Dijk van Dijk are producing the most exceptional and exclusive hydrangeas, which they have named their 'Masterpieces'. These are today's hydrangeas: surprising new shades of colours, magnificent details, and unique characteristics.

The people at Dijk van Dijk are impressed every day with the power of nature. This makes their occupation a passion that enables them to grow truly exceptional hydrangeas, such as the winner of the Noviflora NEW Award 2018: the Smoked Hydrangea.

Dijk van Dijk is committed to having all the partners in the supply chain make more profit from their hydrangea display. Hydrangeas are a major product and rank among the seven best-selling houseplants. With its new brand, 'The joy of wonder', the company is even more committed to segmentation as well as to creating top-of-mind awareness among a wider, younger target group.

In addition to the theme of wonder, respect for nature plays an important role in promotional efforts. This is expressed by minimising the use of plastic. In doing so, Dijk van Dijk hopes to encourage the sector to consider sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.