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The taste of Sicily

What else is Sicily known for, besides beautiful olive and citrus trees? Easy: delicious food! Our planthunter Ben found a different but just as lovely kind of treasure on his latest trip: award-winning olive oil!

The Cutrera family has run their olive orchard for generations, and made their very first batch of olive oil in 1979. The olives are harvested when they’re green, to secure the best taste and most health benefits. The oil smells like herbs, hinting at the added oregano and tomato leaves, and tastes less peppery than traditional Italian olive oil. Thanks to the amount of awards the Cutrera’s have already won, the family has a reputation as the best olive oil producers in all of Italy.

You can now order this special olive oil easily from our webshop! A lovely and interesting addition to your Mediterranean plants displays.

Extra virgin olive oil Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Produces from the local olive variety “Tonda Iblea”.


Production zone
Monti iblei Sicily

350-450 mt. a.s.l.

Young and old trees in hilly and flat territory near the Mediterranean Sea

Tonda Iblea 100%

Harvesting method

Harvesting period
From the 1st to the 21th of November

Extration method
Continuous cold cycle

Green, cloudy due to natural decantation

Fresh, fruity and intense with notes of pronounced green tomato and aromatic fresh herbs

Full bodied with lasting notes of herbs

Roasted meats and fish, soups and salads, bruschette, grilled fish, green and grilled vegetables

Aut. Con D.M. del Mi.P.A.F. n. 120800, conforme al reg. CEE n. 2092/9, Ente Certificatore Ecocert Itali