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Gardenlina™ - the outdoor flowering plant for terrace, garden or balcony

Gardenlina™ is a cool sturdy young lady that is well suited to an outdoor life. In no less than six different trendy colours, she can help transform balconies and gardens into a mass of colour from April until September. In spite of her colourful appearance, Gardenlina™ is not very thirsty and she can provide a maximum of garden pleasure in return for minimum care.

The characteristics of this plant result in it being very strong and colourful by nature. The plant originates from Madagascar, China, South and South-east Asia. In these parts of the world, it is native and withstands difficult conditions such as drought and blazing sunshine.

Gardenlina™ provides colour to the garden from May until September an is one of the easiest plants around. It needs little care, can tolerate temperature fluctuations, is suitable for sun, partial shade and shade only needs little water.

The Gardenlina™ assortment is available in six different colours and in various pot sizes.