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Noviflora: “We are intrinsically motivated to promote the power of green”

“Noviflora wants to do more than just supply plants and flowers. Our mission is to help our customers to capitalize on green,” explains marketing manager Gabrielle Fabbro. How is the company applying the Green Agenda to achieve this goal?

This year Noviflora is celebrating its 45th anniversary. "We recently started supplying flowers as well as plants and we have our focus on Scandinavia and Switzerland. We aim to be distinctive by sharing market knowledge and information about the benefits of green."

Going the extra mile
Noviflora has traditionally served all target groups, including garden centers, wholesalers, retailers, hardware stores and recently also florists in Sweden. "We are completely transparent about this. There is no conflict of interest because we offer different lines and products to different customers."

Noviflora likes to go the extra mile. "We inspire our customers with suggestions on how they can earn more money, we have our own brands such as Ogreen, and we provide input and contribute ideas. For example, we publish the Floral Journal twice a year. This journal inspires florists and imparts knowledge. They can then share that knowledge with the consumer. For one major chain of florists we deliver customized solutions. Together with customers and the Marketing department, we have developed a concrete concept that allows the florists to be distinctive. With such initiatives we can offer added value to our customers."

Noviflora is also investing heavily in sustainability, with the brand Less Plastic among other things. With this concept, Noviflora delivers plants in cardboard boxes with no unnecessary plastic. The boxes can be recycled. They offer the same level of protection but are far more sustainable.

The Green Agenda offers proof
Gabrielle believes that knowledge enrichment is the most important reason for using the Green Agenda. "We want to be an authority in the field of green and knowledge is required for this. We really believe in the power of plants and we possess extensive knowledge. The Green Agenda offers proof based on scientific research." As an example, Gabrielle mentions the long-term investigation into the positive effect of indoor plants on the workplace climate. "So much research has already been conducted, but this has now been demonstrated in practical situations.

The studies show that employees have a more positive state of mind, they are more satisfied about their performance, and sickness absence is reduced. As you see, we are constantly seeking proof that green investments are recoverable, and that in the long term they may even be profitable if they lead to a reduction in sickness absence, for example.

In the study we also developed a tool with which customers can calculate how much it costs to make an office green, and - more importantly - what the benefits are. This concrete information can really help customers. Our strength lies in commercializing our green knowledge. We are intrinsically motivated to promote the power of green. The Green Agenda is a great help with this."