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Vlog orchid expert Arno Zwinkels

Orchids are the specialty and passion of our plant expert Arno Zwinkels. Through his years of experience, he has gained a lot of knowledge. This vlog focusses mainly on Opti-flor's orchids. What makes these plants so special?

Meet Arno

Expertise: Orchids

Orchids are my favourite plants as well as my professional speciality. I've been with Noviflora since 1998, and as the popularity of orchids increased over the years, I was able to specialise in these beautiful plants. There are so many colours and varieties, all with their own distinct characteristics, fascinating! If I'm not at work, I like to attend my children's sports events and keep carrier pigeons. I still find it amazing that a carrier pigeon can find its way home all the way from France, sometimes with speeds up to 125km/hour.

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