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Garden Mums

A colourful eye-catcher, this ultimate autumn flowering plant: always colourful and smothered in blooms. For patio, balcony or garden. Success guaranteed.

Chrysanthemums have been cultivated for several hundreds of years. These days, one of the most beautiful forms of this profusely flowering autumn plant is the cushion-type chrysanthemum that is available in an enormously wide range of flower shapes and colours. These superb plants continue to flower for many months; in fact, until the first frosts end it all. These plants are extremely easy to look after: place in a light position on a patio or balcony and make sure that the potting compost does not dry out; also protect against cold rain.

Cushion mums usually have an excellent shelf life of around six weeks. In order to ensure a maximum flowering period, it is advisable to check the plant on maturity at purchase.

  • Remove the packaging as soon as possible.
  • Optimum storage and transport temperature: 12-15°C.
  • Limit transport time as much as possible.
  • The plants should not be too mature: faded flowers are an absolute no-no.
  • The plants should have a perfect round domed shape (top view).
  • The leaf surface should be nicely closed.
  • The flower buds need to be distributed evenly.
  • Bud that flower too early (so called 'premature flowers') have to be removed for an optimum flowering result.