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Earth Matters

Nature, and with it its invaluable treasures, is a huge inspiration for just about every industry these days. The warm, earthy hues, calm and pure colour palette, rough materials and imperfect textures can be found in fashion and interior trends, as well as architecture and the art world.

With the chaos of everyday life, we long for our natural 'roots', and with this need comes the realization that the nature we so long for is slowly disappearing. Forests have turned into furniture, plastic swims in oceans, icecaps are melting, food wasted. At Noviflora, we work hard every day to reverse these processes. And no, we haven't reached all of our goals yet, but even the smallest steps count. Will you join us?

Sustainability as the norm
Being green and sustainable is trendy these days, but it should really be the most common, everyday thing. In our dream world, there's a solar panel on every roof and not a single scrap of plastic to be found anywhere.

Last year, we placed 900 solar panels on our roof, but we can always add more. We also love working with sustainable growers, and started the Less Plastic project in order to replace as much plastic as we can. How great would it be if in a few years, we can start calling it No Plastic?

All you have to do is start
We're not even close to reaching our green goals yet, but every step in the right direction counts. You don’t have to switch to organic products in one go, or throw out all your plastic or install compost toilets. 

Whether you start at zero and aim for 50% sustainable products, or continue your green efforts and aim for 100%- everything matters. All you have to do is start!