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High, wild freestanding arrangements

Sofie Danielsson created an arrangements with natural materials. Want to make one yourself? Follow her process step by step.

30 barbecue skewers | 10 stalks pampas grass | 15 reeds from the shrubs by the road| 10 sanguisorba stalks | 5 short lily’s| 5 rowan branches from the forest | 10 blue nigella | 5 bishop’s weed | 5 long cow parsley stems

Follow step by step:
1: Take some long, beautiful pampas grass stems and stick barbecue sticks through the grass stems.
2: Place some pampas grass upright against the sticks and stems, creating a solid, high and freestanding structure.
3: Place on a plate, then fill the platter with some natural decoration, like pine cones.
4: Add some water to the plate.
5: Start placing flowers between the grass. They act as a good frame, help the flowers stay upright and contribute to the bright, sprightly vibe of the arrangement.
6: A wonderfully wild floral arrangement, with lots of attitude.