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Happy flowers with ethylene-free fruit

It looks so lovely, elaborate bouquets with a hint of decorative fruit. Now that fall is finally back in town, we’d love a serving of decorative gourd or pumpkin with our flowers. But did you know that some decorative fruit is bad for floral health? We found the fruit your flowers will love.

Fun with fruit
In a bouquet, floral arrangement, or as decoration: decorative fruit is pretty much always a good idea. During fall, you can combine your decorative pumpkins with other natural elements like chestnuts, acorns, pine cones, and dried fall leaves. The decorative fruit can be a simple, natural addition to your bouquet, or you can turn it into the main attraction. What about a large decorative gourd surrounded by fall leaves and bright dahlias, held together by a piece of bark? Fall chic meets wild romance!

No ethylene: happy flowers
You can go all out with decorative fruit, but it's good to know that much of the decorative fruit available contains ethylene, and your flowers won't appreciate setting next to ethylene. The hydrocarbon is bad for your flowers' health, and will make them wither and die much sooner than planned. In our webshop, you will find only ethylene-free decorative fruit from Salm Boskoop. This fruit was tested with an ethylene monitor, and does not have any effect on your flowers' shelf life. Worry-free fall decorating at your service.