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Christmas 2019 is (almost) here

It’s easy to go for the classic flowers and styling around Christmas time- there’s a reason why they’re classics! Christmas without a poinsettia just seems wrong. But this year, perhaps you can combine some known favourites with some new holiday elements. We made a list of five Christmas 2019 trends to help inspire your styling ideas!

Festive vintage
A dark, deep and luxurious trend with a strong hint of nostalgia. Christmas is all about family, traditions, and memories. Voluptuous flowers take centre stage here, and can be combined with vintage ornaments and other elements that remind us of the old days. Even the Christmas tree gets its share of flowers, whether it's in the shape of an ornament or a fresh cut flower. Dark purples, reds and yellows, gold and blue. Get creative and go for flowers than stand out from the crowd.

Great white north
It's where Santa lives, and also the main source of inspiration for Christmas styling trends all over the world. This year, we're inspired by the natural scenes of the North Pole. Inuit and Sámi culture, the Northern Lights, icebergs, and of course, pine trees. You can bring this trend into your florals through colour (lots of white, brown and forest green) and the styling of your bouquets and floral pieces. Keep it simple and minimal to hint at the white, wintry landscapes of the North Pole.

A green Christmas
Green, greener, greenest- get ready to deck the halls with plants, because Christmas is also taking a turn for the sustainable. Forest green, light gold, ochre and eucalyptus are the leading colours in this trend, as are any and all natural materials. Why not create a floral piece with a base of moss? Or combine ornaments with moss and dried flowers? Keep your florals subdued and combine them with wild branches, pine cones, and anything else you can find outside. This trend is meant to express the beauty in the simplicity of nature.

Country Christmas
We hope Brexit will take a while, because we're not ready to say goodbye to our UK friends! This classic trend is inspired by traditional British hunting lodges. Lots of tartan, green, red and gold, combined with a fireplace and taxidermy animals. In terms of plants and flowers, we see traditional Christmas botanics like pine, poinsettias and winter berries, as well as wild, ornamental centerpieces that put holly, mistletoe and chrysanthemums on a pedestal. It's ok to go a little kitschy with trend- the more country, the better!

Feliz Navidad
Ticket to the tropics? Yes please. This trend is all about sunshine, glitz and glam. The ornaments go from pineapples to sunglasses and flamingoes, the matching plants and flowers anything you can find in a rainforest, from cactus to bird of paradise. Pink, yellow, orange, green and purple- you're allowed to get a little hysterical. Why not go for a palm instead of a Christmas tree?

Photo source: Pinterest