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Eco-love: falling for dried flowers

Sustainable, creative flowers that last for months. Purely nature, without any interference from technology. How, you ask? It’s simple. Dry dry dry! Dried flowers have been making a comeback for a while, and are well on their way to conquering both the plant and the design world. Wild flowers, with natural packaging and creative arrangements. A piece of nature art for everyone. We’re falling for dried flowers!

Slow living
Dried flowers are nature at its most simple, beautiful and fascinating. Green is still a trend, but we also feel a pull towards a more colourful environment. Dried flowers take us back to a simpler, more peaceful time. To this idea of times past, when you could see oceans of dried flowers hanging from the ceiling in old barns. Dried flowers are also mostly wild and indigenous, which evokes a renewed appreciation for our immediate surroundings. Long story short: the dried flower is here to stay!

Sustainable and creative
A dried flower is a logical, sustainable choice. Dried flowers last for months, or even longer if you care for them well. This collection features mostly ecologically grown flowers and sustainable packaging. Kraft paper packaging instead of plastic, which looks much nicer as well. Besides loose flowers and ready-made bouquets, our collection also features some unique arrangement in various sizes. How about dried flowers in a test tube, or a mason jar? These arrangements turn the flowers into an instant interior design eyecatcher.