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Kwekerij Atlantis: the Medinilla specialist

Kwekerij Atlantis is the leading specialist in the breeding, propagation and cultivation of Medinilla varieties. The driving force behind the company is its passion for plants and particularly the stunning Medinilla.

In addition to producing our Medinilla magnifica in various sizes, the company also cultivates other varieties from their own breeding programme such as the red Medinilla Belo and Dolce Vita, a light pink variety with a compact habit. Besides, Atlantis also grows a range of seasonal products such as Vitis (container-grown table grapes) and Nature's Best mix.

Kwekerij Atlantis is an MPS-certified company. They focus on an environmentally friendly cultivation process that uses natural predators (beneficial organisms) for controlling pests. This greatly reduces the need for chemical substances.

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Kwekerij Atlantis is a dynamic and progressive family business that places a high priority on innovation and knowledge. Recent developments and trends form the inspiration for stunning new varieties and innovative cultivation techniques aimed at the efficient production of high-quality plants.