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Smit Kwekerijen - Modern potted plant nursery in the northern part of the Netherlands

Smit Kwekerijen is a modern potted nursery of green houseplants. The company has been growing a large variety of plants for over 30 years, which are collected and chosen with care from locations all over the world. With more than 160,000 m2 and more than 200 employees, Smit Kwekerijen is one of the leading nurseries in Europe.

The collection
The unique and distinguishing collection of green houseplants are sold under the Eden Collection label, which can be recognised by the brown label. The Eden Collection is supplemented with a Gold and Specials line, Seasonals, Message In A Bottle and Summer Collection. Aside from Eden Collection, these green houseplants are also sold without a label or with a private one.

The collection is developed by adding new plants, which are added to the collection by plant hunting and/or breeding. The assortment of trendy green houseplants is regularly supplemented, evaluated and, if needed, adjusted. Additionally, the company doesn't just add plants to the collection. This only happens if the plant distinguishes itself in colour and shape or is a better variation of an existing plant.

Smit Kwekerijen invests in producing sustainable plants. The company has the certificates MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ. Additionally, there's a footprint calculation, which forms the base of continuous improvement in regards to sustainability.

Young Plants
We also increasingly sell young plants. The (worldwide) production and (worldwide) sale of young plants will form an important cornerstone in the 'core business' of the company.

For more information about a potential collaboration with Smit Kwekerijen, you can contact the sales department.