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Thanks office plants!

We see them everywhere these days: all those modern, gorgeous green offices, one more elaborate than the next. Some companies have even installed entire greenhouses, jungles and intricate ecosystems. Is it just for fun, or does it actually add something valuable to the office environment?

Study proves positive effects of plants on people

Plants in offices are an important component of creating a sustainable indoor ecology and healthy minds and bodies. Indoor plants lead to improved overall environmental quality.

Noviflora has been one of the partners in the research into the effects of green on offices in the past three years. The research was carried out by the University of Wageningen and research scientists of Fytagoras at various offices, including the head office of Coca Cola. Much is already known about the effect of plants, but it has not been studied so extensively in practice before. The result is that an investment including the maintenance in an office with plants will pay for itself within 1 year. Employees find a workspace with plants more attractive than a space without plants. Plants provide higher humidity, contribute to a more positive state of mind, lead to more satisfaction among employees about their own functioning and less absenteeism.

Do you have a request or an assignment for a green office and do you want to talk to a specialist? Please contact our Plantscaping department. With professional, custom advice and the right plants, our Plantscaping experts will help you to turn this workspace into a productive, green oasis.


A green office is a healthier office

#fact: Did you know an office filled with plants means workers are less likely to call in sick by 36%?

Plants as a money generator
The costs of buying and maintaining plants will generally be recovered within one year. Primarily because of less sick leave and better performance by employees. After that, the investment in plants will actually start generating money.