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The power of green plants

At home, at the office, in the garden or in a public space- plants have a positieve, energetic and life-enriching effect everywhere. They put a smile on our faces and clean the air, and that’s why we love these green power machines.

Take a deep dive into the world of green plants with us, read all about scientific research on the effects of greenery, the how and why of plantscaping and office plants, meet green plant growers and join our Planthunters on their travels to find the most beautiful green plants. It's a great green world out there!

Scientific research

Greenery has a positive influence on our home, work and living environments. Our gut feeling has been telling us this for years, but these days there's more and more research to support this feeling with scientific proof. Curious about the results? Take a look at the Green Agenda's fact sheet here.


How can you still find the best specimens in this literal jungle of plants? The answer: you don't have to! Our Planthunters have already done the work for you. Follow Ramon and Rudy via our Hunter-tool to find the most unique houseplants and green interior trends.


Grower Fachjan

Three generations with heart and soul in the middle of the most beautiful greenery every day. That is Fachjan, with 57,000 m2 of private greenhouses full of tropical and subtropical green plants, flowering and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs of 10 cm. up to fourteen meters high.

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Clean air is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our air-purifying plants, Ogreen Clean Machines, create a more pleasant and healthy living environment, making it easy for you to live a vital life.

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A green office is a healthier office 

We see them everywhere these days: all those modern, gorgeous green offices, one more elaborate than the next. Is it just for fun, or does it actually add something valuable to the office environment?

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