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Mediterranean mood

Secretly we’re all longing for those Italian hills and Spanish shorelines.

It’s not exactly the same as sipping wine on a piazza, but these Mediterranean trees might just give you enough of a taste of that holiday vibe to last until summer. They look beautiful in a garden or, if it’s still too cold out, in the living room. Can you smell that warm summer sun?

Olive tree: tough & ancient
Besides its nice scent and easy-going nature, the olive tree is a tough-looking addition to your interior or garden. Thick, rugged trunks and branches filled with leaves, the olive tree has been cultivated since 3,600 B.C. An old wise one, this little tree. Our Mediterranean plant experts spotted this olive tree in Spain, and brought it with them to spread that Southern European vibe across the Northern part of our continent.

Citrus tree: sweet and fruity
A tree that stays green year-round, that's one way to survive those last cold winter months. The citrus tree has also been cultivated forever – roughly 4,000 years – and has a pleasant, sweet smell. For people with a talented green thumb, sunny garden and a little luck, you might just find some fruit hanging from the tree eventually. Our planthunters found this tree in Italy, and immediately loved the quality and abundance of its leaves.