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Family business Van der Voort

Van der Voort Potplanten BV is a pot plant grower with several, neighbouring locations in Honselersdijk (The Netherlands). With a total surface of 80.000m2, this nursery grows and produces various plants in different sizes, including Spathiphyllum, Azalea, Ludisia and Anthurium.

What makes this grower so unique, is the fact that they do all the breeding and propagating themselves. The breeding happens both at their locations in the Netherlands and in Tanzania, using the name Van der Voort Young Plants B.V. This allows Van der Voort to control the entire product chain, right up until the plants are sold.

Van der Voort is originally a family business, with Chris van der Voort as its founder. These days, his son Olaf runs the nursery. They've been growing Spathiphyllum since the beginning, and Ludisia for the past 10 years. Since 2015, Van der Voort also sells flowering Azaleas. Buying Azaleas from Van der Voort comes with a benefit, because they can be transported to locations in the Westland and Aalsmeer relatively fast.

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