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Box-leaved ilex for a green hedge without all the fuss

Want a garden that’s green all-year round and doesn’t require much effort? A green hedge that can survive different weather conditions? A boxed-leaved ilex, or Japanese holly, is your plant.

When you hear the word ‘hedge’, the first thing that comes to mind is a buxus. A beautiful plant, loved by many, but also not the easiest plant and very sensitive to diseases and insect plagues. A box-leaved ilex is a strong and easy alternative. The plants deal well with direct sunlight, and only need to be trimmed twice a year. He’ll grow just fine in a sunny garden, and does great in the shade as well. The famous box tree caterpillar doesn’t bother this green hero. A perennial plant with dark green looks that adds a splash of colour to your garden even in the winter.