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Qualily - 13 million lilies a year

Spread over 5 locations and 10 hectares, Raymond Vijverberg and Ruud van der Hoeven and their team grow about 13 million stems of lilies a year. Qualily has about 20 different varieties of lilies in their collection and produce high quality Orientals, LAs, OTs and Longiflorums. These different types of lilies require different cultivation methods, which Qualily and its different locations can respond to very well.

Even before the bulbs are planted, Qualily does everything possible to make the conditions as good as possible in order to grow a good quality lily. First the soil is disinfected, this is done by steaming the soil at 100°C. Then the bulbs go into the soil and are stored in the refrigerator at 9°C for three weeks. After the three weeks, the bulbs go into the greenhouse and grow into a beautiful flower in 11 weeks, ready to create beautiful stories. Due to the process and the climate control, Qualily is able to offer the same quality of lilies all year round.

To ensure quality, the stems are transported directly to the processing area after they have been cut. This is done by means of the conveyor belts, which are present throughout the greenhouse. In the department store, the stems are immediately distributed, packed and cooled again. In this way you will receive the freshest lilies from Qualily.