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Stofbergen Plant Company – Passion for bromeliads

Stofbergen Plant Company has a passion for bromeliads. For more than 30 years, they have been supplying a range with a wide variety of shapes, colors and pot sizes. The bromeliads are divided into a number of product lines such as the well-known bromeliads and guzmanias, the new compact types and a number of unique specials such as the tillandsias and pineapple.

The company has two locations in Bergschenhoek, centrally located in the Dutch horticultural cluster. Here, the product development, propagation and production of various specials takes place in-house. With a driven team and two modern locations, they are able to provide their customers with a wide range of beautiful plants all year round.


In collaboration with breeders and propagators, they have taken up the challenge to promote the diversity of the Bromeliad. The bromeliad family consists of 60 genera, each with their own specific appearance. This makes the choice enormous. The fact that success has not failed to emerge is evident from the fact that new varieties have won prizes.