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Lush ferns suggest a tropical paradise

Their lush green fronds quickly bring to mind the image and sound of a splashing waterfall in a tropical rainforest. What could they be but ferns?

These plants are found the world over, and we've even unearthed fossils of ferns that grew hundreds of millions of years ago. For decades now, they have also been prized for their versatility as houseplants. The uses for the refreshing yet soothing look of ferns range from hanging plants to covering a living wall.

Living wall
What about something different on a wall? Ferns are the perfect plant for creative minds who want to get more out of their houseplants than just putting them in a pot. To do this, use a living wall system or devise a beautiful composition of hanging planters against the wall. The result? A living work of art!

The bathroom
The bathroom is often ignored when deciding on the best place in the house for a new plant. But you could wonder why when you realise it's exactly the place where many of us start the day with a refreshing shower. Ferns such as Athyrium spicatum and Nephrolepsis exaltata 'Green Lady' simply thrive in a humid environment while also turning any visit to the bathroom into a real spa experience.

Hanging plants
Ferns also make the perfect hanging plants - just right if you want to add a playful touch to your home. One thing is certain: the rampant fronds of Asplenium parvati or Athyrium spictatum will instantly brighten up any room.