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3 houseplants that will look great on your windowsill

On busy days, sometimes all you can do is look out the window with longing. However, you can bring nature inside by freshening up your view with some greenery - we'll give you a place to start with these three tips.

With its deep green colour and stylish round leaves, this plant is an eye-catcher on any windowsill. The Clusia is not only beautiful but also good for your health - it has been scientifically proven to have an air-purifying effect. However, the best thing is that you won't spend much time caring for it as the Clusia is an easy houseplant that adapts well to any conditions.


Hedera Shamrock
Aiming for a more romantic look for your home? The Hedera Shamrock is a climber that will instantly make your room look cosy. But, it doesn't only grow upwards – it's also an ideal hanging plant. Whether you hang it from a hook on the ceiling or put it in a pot on the windowsill, its lush branches will immediately give you that bohemian look.

With its whimsical leaves growing straight up from the potting compost, the Sansevieria seems to come straight out of the jungle. And that's exactly right because this plant is originally from the tropical forests of West Africa. The plant needs very little water, so you hardly have to give it a thought.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at the Spathiphyllum, Ficus, or Dracaena.