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EPIC Plants – Your Tropical Heroes

Create the ultimate tropical mood with bromeliads, anthuriums and orchids, which definitely have the eXotic factor with their cheerful colours and fabulous shapes. These Tropical Heroes can make your store feel like a true rainforest. They’re your perfect green match, and will definitely cause some Jungle Fever!

These tropical heroes are epiphytes: plants that can grow on trees without drawing nutrients from it. Instead they get their nutrients from the air, light and rainwater. They’re green heroes with superpowers! 

These epic heroes are ‘designed by nature’ and easy to live with as well! But it’s not just these plants that are the heroes; the growers who cultivate the EPIC Plants in the most sustainable way in order to guarantee the best quality are superheroes in their own right. In other words, true green heroes!

Our EPIC heroes


Orchids (Logico)

There’s no denying that the Phalaenopsis is the absolute frontrunner within the Orchidaceae family, and introduced the wider public to the exotic beauty of orchids. But this family of plants features many other fantastic stars, all equally easy to live with and just as charismatic. They fit perfectly into the current interior design trends that feature a touch of mystery and supernaturally beautiful shapes.

Together, orchids make up one of the largest plant families. There are more than 20,000 known species, and new ones are still being discovered regularly. In warmer regions, such as the tropical rainforest, orchids often grow on trees, branches or twigs with their roots in the air. These are called epiphytic orchids. For cultivated specimens this means that they don’t need a lot of water and are grown in special airy potting soil mixtures. This replicates the conditions in the wild as closely as possible.

Anthuriums (Karma Plants)

Anthuriums are one of the most popular houseplants: they are beautiful to look at, easy to care for and have a real personality. The white varieties create a serene feeling, whilst the brightly coloured ones offer a vivacious look. Although most people think that the coloured part is the flower, it’s actually a coloured bract. The actual flowers of an anthurium are very small and are all located on the spike (spadix).

Anthuriums originate from the tropical rainforests of Colombia, Guatemala and the Amazon region of Brazil. There, the plant grows as an epiphyte, where it gets enough light without it being direct sunlight, and is always nice and warm with a high level of humidity.


The striking flowers of the bromeliad rise up from the heart of the plant like a cheerful and colourful flame. Strong, easy to live with and with a flamboyant appearance – Guzmania, Aechmea, Tillandsia, Vriesea and Ananas are real statement plants in your home thanks to their eye-catching shapes and bright, tropical colours. And although they look very exotic, they are not delicate creatures: bromeliads are easy to care for, continue to look good for a very long time (up to 6 months!) and are incredibly strong. This means they’re also suitable for less experienced green fingers.

There are bromeliads that grow on the ground (terrestrial) and ones that grow on trees (epiphytic) in order to get more light. Tillandsia is an epiphytic bromeliad that can grow on telephone wires, walls or trees. The plants don’t harm the tree because their roots and leaves extract moisture and nutrients from the air.