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Knoppert - Growing disbudded chrysanthemums is our passion

André Knoppert & Zn. produce high-quality disbudded chrysanthemums. André and Martijn Knoppert are the faces behind this family business. "Growing disbudded chrysanthemums is our passion. We allow our plants to grow with nature in the 'old-fashioned way', without additional light and heat. This allows them to develop into very strong flowers."

With a passion for perfection, André and Martijn supply the most exclusive varieties of disbudded chrysanthemums from September until the end of November. They start in September with the Fuego; this bronze/red bicolour flower is very popular in the autumn. From October, the following 'specialties' are also available - with protective bud bag: Louis Germ, Gilbert Leigh Silver, Gilbert Leigh Purple, Avignon, Holiday, Rivalry and Tom Pearce. Additionally, they offer the Vienna in no less than three different colours: cream, pink and copper. In the spring, the nursery switches to the cultivation of the colourful and very trendy Ranunculus. And André Knoppert & Zn. also supplies Dianthus (pot carnations)! Next spring, they will add the new 'I love U' series to their range: a colourful mix especially for Valentine's Day and/or Mother's Day!