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Raw Earth

Plants don’t need us- we need plants. Without plants, trees, flowers and even weeds, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist. Our bond with plants goes beyond that pretty monstera in the windowsill. Without nature, we wouldn’t be here.

A fact we seem to forget sometimes, drawn in by the wonders of the digital world and making things better, faster, bigger. But these days, everyone is aware of the need to protect, respect and embrace nature. Green isn’t a trend, it’s a philosophy we lost and need to get back to. We’re looking for answers that have always been there; in nature. We prefer natural materials, like clay, sand, wood and stone. Products are made with care and attention, in a natural way and by hand. We see lots of wooden objects, treated to emphasise its raw nature. Wood stands for strength, a primal feeling, tranquility. We’re not in a rush, we take our time. Sustainable and long-lasting trumps a hasty, careless design. Everything that lives on this planet has worth. It’s up to us to make it work.